December Calendar


Last month of the year December for ‘Dec’ the 10th month, like October the ‘oct’ or 8th month that is not in the right place. This is because the original calendar did non have January and February, and only 10 months, making December the 10th month and October the 8th.

Well the photos. I had the opportunity to spend a few days at Virginia Beach for a business conference, and yes I took my camera.

The big picture is of Neptune which is a sculpture on the boardwalk. The early morning light was perfect for this shot.

The area is close to Naval Air Station Oceana, and you get to see some of the most impressive air power in the world, doing daily exercises off of the coast. This is the right hand photo is of a fly by.

The left hand is the other part of Virginia Beach a pleasure craft and local wildlife.

It is the most northern spot on the east coast that has a climate that will permit palm trees to grow… yo should visit.

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