Getting Ready

Well learned a lot, hope it is enough before the trip.


As I mentioned in the last post there are many vaccinations that are needed. Knowing NOTHING of vaccinations, I made an appointment for my Family doctor.

I call the Doctors’ office to make an appointment for the vaccinations, and was told NO…. Say what? They do not do them, you need to call a blah blah blah (No idea what they said).

Humm.. OK I need my physical.

My Doctor ROCKs. The issue is in insurance coverage (isn’t it always). They may or may not cover, so family practitioners do not stock or do vaccinations for travel. You need to go to a ‘travel clinic’ which is what I thing the blah blah was….

OK, my Doctor got me the Typhoid, malaria, hep A and hep b, and I paid what the insurance did not cover.

For your reference, it turns out that CostCo does most at the best price! Who knew (My Doctor did). I am also told that the ‘travel clinics’ have a ‘yellow card’ that shows your vaccinations. I do not have one, do not think I need one.


Haiti is 90 degrees Fahrenheit. They have mosquitos, they have malaria. The first line of defense is bug repellent, with Deet then clothing.

Orvis has clothing that actually repel bugs so I picked up some of them.

Shoes, I got some hiking shoes and low cut boots. I was looking at some work boots, but too heavy for me.

I am thinking t-shirt with quick dry tech under a long sleeve light shirt..

Other Stuff

Deet bug location, bug spray, all basics.

Bed bugs…. Well Baltimore MD is the bed bug capital of the world, but, when in Haiti take a mattress cover, or sleeping bag liner.

Snacks.. Snack bars, individually wrapped.

Bug do not like B12 or they have no issues with it, or it helps your immune system, or something, so I got water additive that has B12 and a bunch of other stuff like Caffeine…

Candy for the children, stuff that does not melt in the temperature.

I will be doing electrical and plumbing, so I bought a bunch of tools that I will take, and leave there.

I am a photographer, so I am also taking a small photo-printer so I can share with the children some of what I see.

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      It all sounds a bit overwhelming but you are up for the job. I recall the shots – had much the same when going to Rwanda.
      Thankfully, none of them had a bad reaction ;you will have the same results.
      If you have room for a deflated soccer ball please take one. The kids don’t get much and a soccer ball is loved around the world. You will leave your tools and probably a lot more ; guranteed you wiĺl bring back more than you can imagine. And it will last a lifetime. Blessings and prayers go with you.
      Be careful of what you eat….if you cant peel it don’t eat it – no fish or meat -remember the water isn’t fit so brush your teeth with bottled water . It is the old aunt coming out…. forgive me. I know you are well versed and prepared
      Again, go with a heart filled with love and wonder and come back the same…. only you wiĺl never be the same.

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