Haiti Day Four

Day four started with an early 6am breakfast after another invigorating cold shower. The team broke into two parties, the Medical heading up to Cabaret to a clinic that the US built, but never gave funds to run, and the Construction team to the orphanage to work on a wiring issue in the underground cable that was newly fixed.

I was with the construction team and in the morning Eddie, Ron, Dave, and a few little helpers worked through diagnosing a wiring issue with limited resources.

Though challenging work, in the heat and humidity, with limited resources (a piece of wood took Eddie 1/2 hour to find), it is odd doing construction in a banana tree forest.

Me a banana tree and the banana tree flower (did not know there was a flower on the end)

We found the issues, but everything back together, finished the Enterpnse to the Ladies dorm, and were off to meet with the medical team in Cabaret, so Eddie, Dave, and Ron could do an evaluation to see if William and My Neighbors Children Could afford to take over the facility and run it, as it is abandoned today.

Different stations were set up. I do not know what each person in the party did but here is an example, Glen and Bobby worked crowed control. Local representatives, and Elizabeth would evaluate who was the most in need. Unfortunately, not all can be scene. The team can treat well over 100, but many more show up for the care.

Below are some photos that others took of some of the patients and the team caring for them.

IMG 0279IMG 0359IMG 0890IMG 0893IMG 0894

People are give an arm band and let in based on the number. The Mandy would do the intake procedure with an interpreter. I sat in on a session where a lady of 60+ years had back and arm issues (probably from compressed spine caused from carring heavy items on her head).

The translator with Mandy walks through the questions, needed for the doctor to examine. Her, and all the patients are so excited about the opertunity to see medical staff, that the dress up in their best clothes.

Next they move to the examination, where Elizabeth diagnosed and wrote drug treatments for the pastiests. One of the children that was being scene in a beautiful white dress was dealing with a yeast infection. She was no more than 3 years old, and was getting it from sitting in the dirt with no underwear.

The pharmacist team worked to build the prescriptions, usually heavy on vitamins. Colleen and Silvia worked with what drugs could be bought in contry as the container with the supplies is still stuck in customs.

Then the discharge team with a translator explains how to take the medicine.

We all loaded into the vans and moved back to the orphanage.

Another sample of the driving, this is the final bit into the orphanage. We leave the ‘main road’ and turn down the dirt ally where goats, dogs, and bigs roam, then turn into the driveway way to the orphanage.

Video Here

Vacation bible study (though a few of the children were asking ‘photo’ photo’) After the lessons, Crafts and singing, Silvia let me hand out the candy that Joan made sure I bought for the children.

I am amazed at how well behaved the children are. They love to touch, hug, shake hands, welcome you, thank you, and gently and waiting their turn, select a treat as we handed them out.

More photos can be found here.

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