Haiti Day three

We split into two teams, one doing medical at a small clinic and the team I was on over at the orphanage. Dave, Betty, Bobby and I worked on painting the railing on the second level. Working with acrylic paint in hot second floor was challenging, and we learned the detail that was needed to be put into a rail that could be seen from below as well as above. Five of the boys when they returned home from school, pitched in to help.

Dave, Eddie, and Ron worked on the electric cable, long into the evening, with some unexpected challenges. We will be returning today to get around them.

After painting I took out the HP Sprocket Portable printer I brought to print some photos of the children, Here is a video of the some of the 60 photos that I could print for them. The printer kept over heating in the hot air, so the slow printer was even slower. I was amazed at how patient the children were, while SO excited to go next..

After a long hard second day of doing medical examinations and treatment (90+ first day and 60+ second lined up from early morning before the arrival) the Medical team returned to the orphanage to do bible study with the children.

The children had a really Good Friday night with song and crafts, and learning about creation.

Below are some photos, and a video is here on YouTube of the children singing.



The full collection of photos from this day are at here.

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