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July brings us a few photos from Santa Cruze Natural Bridge.

Like the photographs of the San Francisco bridge, these were taken on the same business trip. I wanted to drop by the place that was the birth of Santa Cruz Operation (SCO). A software company based in Santa Cruz, California which was best known for selling three Unix variants for Intel processors. A cool OS of the day, and one of the amazing histories of the computer industry. Microsoft was making LANGUAGES (programming languages like COBOL, Fortran, and BASIC) and was not interested in making an OS. SCO was building an OS, and Microsoft invested into them so that they, Microsoft, had more OS to sell their programming languages to. In a bazaar turn of history, SCO, and Microsoft ported a Xenix for Steve Job’s and Apple’s computer Lisa, named for his child that he was refusing to recognize……. Strange times that most were not paying attent to.

Anyways, the photos. This was a great little beach and being off season, virtually deserted. Spent a few hours waiting for sun set


And while waiting got a great photos of the bridge. Truely wonderful spot along Calafornia’s route 1 costal route.

Here are a few other shots from the few hours on the beach.

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