M3U playlist to Plex Playlist

To generate a playlist from a M3U, located on the NAS

The server has the capability to convert a m3u file to a playlist, but there is nothing in the UI for it. You will need to find some unique key values for your server and use postman or equivalent to tell the server to generate it.

My process of generating the m3u is to start in Apple Music, where I have the playlist, other methods of generating a m3u are possible, this is my workflow

  • From Apple Music I use M3unify to create the playlist, choose relative paths, and select lowest level on directory tree
  • copy file to root of the share of the music library

Once the m3u file is on the NAS you will need to ‘POST’ to the Plex API to generate the playlist.

The command is

http://{plexserver}:32400/playlists/upload?sectionID={sectionKEY}&path={pathTOthe _m3u}&X-Plex-Token={PlexToken}

{plexserver} is the IP address of your server
{PlexToken} is the authorization token for your server
{sectionKEY} is the music libraries key value on your server
{pathTOthe _m3u} is the path on your NAS and is also listed with the {sectionKEY} above

The resulting string is;


This needs to go into a POST in postman or a curl command.

For postman, copy the URL and indicate it is a post and send

For curl it would be

curl --location --request POST ''

The response will be ‘nothing’ or a 1

Return to the web interface of Plex and you should now see the new playlist.


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